Kylian Mbappe downplays Neymar feud

Paris Saint-Champions Germain’s League campaign gets off against Juventus, but there have been allegations of a fight between Neymar and Kylian Mbappe after the latter was implicated in Paul and Mathias Pogba’s public argument.
Reports of a conflict between him and his teammate Neymar at Paris Saint-Germain have been downplayed by Kylian Mbappe.

When Neymar blocked Mbappe from attempting another penalty after having an earlier penalty saved by goalkeeper Christophe Galtier, the attackers collided during the victory over Montpellier in August.

After the game, Sergio Ramos allegedly had to separate the two quarrelling players in the locker room, and Neymar’s love of social media postings making light of Mbappe’s missed penalty has further fueled rumours of turmoil.

Although there were ups and downs in his friendship with Neymar, Mbappe claimed that he still had the highest regard for the Brazilian ahead of PSG’s Champions League Group H matchup with Juventus. Regarding Neymar, Mbappe told reporters, “This is the sixth year, and I think our relationship has always been founded on respect.

“There is, however, a great deal of respect, and I have a great deal of regard for the player he is, the player he symbolises, and the significance he has for our club.

“Following that, life is not linear when you have two players with a strong character like that; certainly, things happen occasionally, but they always stay in the respect and in the interest of PSG.”

When asked who would take the penalty should PSG defeat Juventus, Mbappe added: “There is always dispute, so we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out during the game.

“I believe that we are both open to talking about it. There won’t be an issue if the match determines that Neymar will shoot, and if the match determines that I will shoot, I will shoot.

“First place doesn’t need you to accept all the consequences. That doesn’t seem to exist in any club, and it certainly doesn’t when you play with three guys.

“It’s important to know how to put water in your wine and how to share the cake. It’s also important to know how to feel. Tomorrow will tell, but there is no issue with it.”

After Mathias Pogba claimed his brother Paul had cursed the PSG striker, Mbappe was drawn into yet another growing scandal to affect French football.

The Pogba family is engaged in a public argument, with Mathias threatening to publish “explosive” details about his brother and other players while Paul alleges that he was the victim of blackmail by his brother.

When asked if his connection with Paul in the French team would suffer because of the Pogba brothers’ issue, Mbappe responded, “No, since I feel that today I prefer to trust the word of a comrade.

“He contacted me and relayed the details in his own words. I will put my teammate’s word ahead of his brother’s right now since it is his word over theirs.

“We have a fierce competition, which I believe is also in the best interest of the selection. I believe that he is now experiencing some issues, and I do not believe that it is the appropriate time to add to them. We will have to wait and see how things turn out. Paul Pogba, a midfielder for Juventus and France, will likely miss the World Cup in Qatar because he needs knee surgery.

The team has determined that the 29-year-old will not play this season after suffering the injury in preseason.