What Kit Do You Need to Play Indoor Football?

Not sure what equipment you’ll need to start playing football? Or contemplating a soccer match within a dome? When playing indoor soccer as opposed to outdoor soccer, there are a few distinctions in the equipment that can be worn. The only indoor football arena in Dublin is our premium soccer dome, which enables you to play football year-round, no matter the weather.

Therefore, even if you won’t be getting dirty, it’s still crucial that you dress appropriately. Your performance may be greatly improved with the right equipment, but what equipment is required to play the beautiful game indoors?

What football boots work best on an indoor soccer field?

Modern 4G (infill free) indoor football astro-pitch technology ensures a smooth game flow, thus boots with studs or blades (metal and plastic) are not permitted. When used on a 4G surface, they may not only harm the surface but also raise the possibility of knee or lower leg injuries.

Astroturf/artificial grass footwear or football cleats with a rubber sole are what we advise. These help you move freely without snagging studs, mouldies, or blades, and they give comfort and grip on the pitches, allowing you to display your greatest abilities. One advantage of playing on an indoor field is that there won’t be any mud, so make sure your boots are clean before the game starts.

Make sure that any new boots you want to buy suit your foot type by trying them on before you start playing. Although they can require some initial breaking in, most boots will adapt to the shape of your foot. To ensure comfort, consider getting a size larger while trying on your boots with football socks.

How Should I Outfit?

The benefit of playing indoors is that you don’t have to worry about choosing clothes that will keep you warm or dry. Our state-of-the-art synthetic grass fields also have a layer of shock absorbers to protect against illnesses sometimes associated with outdoor fields.

This does not preclude accidents from occurring, therefore always wear shin guards. Even on a soft indoor field, you can still get knocked around easily, so if you decide to wear them, make sure your socks are long enough to draw up over the shin pads.

The best clothing to wear is a lightweight, breathable t-shirt or football jersey. The same applies to shorts and jogging bottoms. This will assist you stay dry and cool while playing the game. Polyester, a fabric that is more breathable, is typically used to make football uniforms. Some include a drying mechanism that transfers perspiration into a different layer of the cloth, keeping you more at ease during the game.

If your sports clothing is in the washer, you can still wear a regular t-shirt, but be prepared for sweat stains!

You can use a base layer to increase comfort and prevent itchy chaffing and perspiration. These may also assist in controlling your body’s temperature.

Don’t wear any jewellery. To prevent any unwanted and painful injuries, it is recommended to take off any jewellery, including wedding bands and earrings, before approaching the pitch.

Additional Tools and Accessories

If you play goaltender, you most likely possess a pair of gloves. When playing indoor football, you must still wear them. Gloves shield your hands from fast-moving balls and aid in goalkeeping. Some players have bibs or jerseys manufactured for their teams if you want to host a 5-a-side match. Many athletes just wear the same colour of shirt to represent their respective teams.

Don’t forget to purchase some decent football socks that fit properly over your shin guards and inside your boots and are breathable. Finally, a gym bag could be useful for storing all of this gear. These are available at any sports store.